Frequently Asked Questions

Or thought-about questions. Nobody asked so far...

1. Are you trying to compete with Etherscan or Metamask?
No, on the contrary. ethspecs is first and foremost an interface for you to have a better overview over the most important aspects of your tokens and Ethereum Holdings. As a matter of fact, this interface uses both technologies in order for it to work.
2. How does ethspecs differ from other apps?
The base idea for this interface is to summarize the most important information of your Ethereum Accounts in one place, while keeping things simple and easy to use and with an awesome design.
3. How do you handle the user's personal data (regarding GDPR)?
It's simple, we don't. ethspecs is the result of multiple API requests, based on your connected Ethereum Wallet provider, showing you information that anyone could search for on the Ethereum Blockchain. Besides, we don't have servers to collect any kind of personal information, and we will NEVER ask you for any personal information whatsoever.
4. Do I need to use cookies in order to use ethspecs?
No, you can use ethspecs without using cookies, but you won't be able to access some features that require storing cookies.
If you want to learn more about why we use cookies, please consult the about section.
5. Is ethspecs free?
Yes, and always will be. The focus here is to bring value to the crypto community, not making money. But if you are enjoying ethspecs, you might want to donate. You can do it here.
6. Do I need a Metamask Account to use ethspecs?
Not necessarily. ethspecs needs a wallet to connect to the Ethereum Blockchain but it doesn't necessarily need to be Metamask. In theory, any wallet should work with ethspecs as long as it uses the web3 technology.