About ethspecs

Developer's Insights

Why ethspecs

ethspecs was created due to my personal need for managing multiple tokens and ethereum on ERC compliant wallets. At the time (around February 2018), I was looking for an interface that would allow me to have a complete overview of both my ethereum and tokens holdings in a simplified way. But soon I found that such an interface did not exist, not the way I wanted at least, so I decided to make my own.

Firstly, the main focus was on creating an application that would aggregate the most relevant information of a particular ethereum account and provide a simple to use and awesomely designed interface.

The frame of mind here was always to bring up your own Ethereum Account's newspaper, where you could have a detailed overview of your holdings on a simple and clean interface.

Keeping your info just to yourself

One of the core principles of ethspecs is to keep all the information shown just to yourself, meaning that there are no servers associated to store the displayed data. Every bit of information provided is the result of multiple API requests, based on your connected Ethereum Wallet provider (in this case, Metamask).

This ideal raised one big question: how to store user preferences? For now, the use of cookies was the best solution found, since the information needed to store are mainly "On" or "Off", but this might change in the future. Even so, if the user is not inclined to use cookies, then it's possible to deactivate them at the cost of disabling some functionalities that require the use of cookies.

Mobile Devices

Even though ethspecs is a solution tailored for Desktop, this interface also works on mobile devices. For that, you'll need to use a different wallet since Metamask is a browser extension, and these extensions do not exist on mobile.

The solution here is to use mobile wallets that are ERC compliant and that use the web3 technology. Here are some wallets that work on ethspecs:

What will the future bring for ethspecs?

As of now, ethspecs is in it's infancy, being far from what it can be. I imagine a future ethspecs with more utility functions on the token's side of things, more supported languages and fiat currencies, more kinds of notifications and filtering... The list goes on and on, and I appreciate all the feedback that I can get to improve this awesome interface.

If you have any ideas for future developments on ethspecs, please get in touch on social media or in feedback@ethspecs.com. Any ideas will be trully appreciated.