Managing Ethereum Wallets shouldn't be a hassle!

So we made a friendly interface focused on Simplifying your Ethereum Portfolio Experience by showing you relevant data, while keeping it simple.

Centralizing information in a decentralized interface

It's quite a hassle when you need to use multiple websites or apps to manage your Ethereum Portfolio.

We get it, we suffered from the same problem.

That's why we made an interface capable of giving you a bird's eye view of your holdings, by recurring only to public Blockchain information.

We will never store your holdings data.

Manage Ethereum Tokens the easy way!

There is no need to add a token to your Wallet everytime you receive a new one.

This should be an hands-on experience!

With this problem at heart, we created a simple interface capable of managing your Ethereum Tokens on the go! You can send tokens, get their information and sort them quite easily.

We are looking for feedback!

This is a project in its early stages (Minimum Viable Product), and it's important for us to know where to improve.

It would be awesome if you could share your thoughts with us and report eventual bugs.

Thank you very much!